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All things Brassica!

Breast Cancer Fighting Brassicas


Both of my grandmother’s battled Breast Cancer, one of my neighbors recently was diagnosed, and I am sure you know someone as well who has undergone treatment...

Cancer Fighting Brassicas


I’ve shared with you lots of great reasons for eating vegetables from the Brassica family. Recently I was reading an article and learned that the anti-inflammatory benefit that I’ve mentioned can also reduce inflammation that has been associated with many types of cancer.

Cabbage Beet Salad


The first part of the year through mid-February is always a busy one for us. In addition to getting back into the swing of things after the holidays, we always have some adjusting with Pete’s new teaching schedule, several birthday celebrations, various volunteer commitments, extracurricular activities and the unexpected. I’m always looking out for ways to keep myself feeling good and healthy during the whirlwind….

Brassicas: A Renewed Approach


January is often a time for re-evaluating in many shapes and forms, including one’s diet.   But by diet I don’t mean depriving yourself, but rather eating what your body needs. As I’ve mentioned, two of my favorite quotes are:

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.

When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.

- Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.

- Hippocrates

Increasing your consumption of foods rich in organic sulfur can help keep the winter blahs as well as aches and pains away, or just plain starting 2012 feeling great!

Brassy Brassicas: Middle Eastern Inspired Greens


Brassicas are magical vegetables in my mind and I can’t get enough! Recently I was reading that pain and muscle stiffness typically are higher when GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) levels are low. I wondered if the pain, discomfort, aching and muscle tension that keeps hanging on in my foot has anything to do with my GABA levels.

Swiss Chard Frittata


We have a LOT of Swiss Chard growing in our garden!  There is only so much cooked greens that one can eat (at least that I can eat), so I’ve been trying to think of other ways to use it.  Last night, when it was cooler, I made a tasty frittata and plan to reheat slices in the microwave for breakfast or lunch throughout the week.

The Beauty of Kale!

Last year was the first time we grew Kale in our garden. I was beginning to incorporate brassica vegetables in my diet and was learning all about "brassica and cruciferous" veggies. I was blessed with Kale seedlings from an amazing gardner, and so began my love of kale.
This year, we were inspired to interweave the Kale plants amongst the cabbage, swiss chard, and herbs. It looks BEAUTIFUL! With Kale growing ABUNDANTLY in our garden, we are eating lots of different salad combinations. Here is one we’ve enjoyed in the last week.

Brassy Brassicas: Green Goddess Kale Salad

I had to temporarily remove my FAVORITE Apple Kale Salad from my diet, as the dressing consisted primarily of vinegar and maple sugar. I love how problems often open the door for creativity. One night as I pulled dinner together I was DESPERATE to eat a kale salad to ensure my daily portion of brassica. As I surveyed my refrigerator and pantry, a new recipe came to my head.

Brassy Brassicas: Additional Diet Changes


I recently read a book called, Minding My Mitochondria by Dr. Terry Wahls, clinical professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa and the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Iowa City. I’ve written about her before, but have to re-visit the topic again. It’s pretty AMAZING to read how a change in diet and shock therapy have allowed her to walk and ride her bike 10 miles daily after six years in a wheelchair!! There is something very profound to be learned from her!

Brassy Brassicas: Sautéed Broccolini


We had a MAJOR MILESTONE at our house last night!!!  O & Skoogie ATE & ENJOYED broccolini.  Despite my daily brassica endeavors, the kids, especially O, is not fond of this vegetable family’s distinctive smell.

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