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Stories, ideas and projects that center around food and its positive impact on a community.

Community Corner: Green Dishwashing


While this is not a food-specific post, it relates to ALL the dishes that we clean after eating the delightful meals I write about.

Community Corner – Blueberry Pops Buzzing Your Way

A few weeks ago a group of neighbor friends got together for dinner. We typically see each other throughout the week coming to and from school or activities. But this was special time for the adults; a chance to enjoy a fabulous dinner, to talk, to laugh and just be! The experience was enriched by a thoughtful gift brought by one of the guests: beautiful, warm, golden honey from her brother’s beehive, Lake Superior Apiary.

Community Corner - Eat Local Recap

Quite a few people have asked if we REALLY did eat local for the entire month. I’d say we did a pretty amazing job! We enjoyed some fantastic, fresh meals made from ingredients from our garden, the farmer’s market and our co-op.

Community Corner - National Good Neighbor Day

We are so fortunate to live on a street where most of the people know more than just your name. They are our friends⎯we have lots of gatherings and they are also there when you need them. Having moved from out-of-state, we are not sure how we got so lucky to have found this special place. It has gone beyond our street and community has become a common theme in our lives. So when I read that Sunday, September 26 is National Good Neighbor Day, I decided to plant a seed in this week’s Community Corner feature.

Community Corner - Harvest Time

Harvest Time…the season for gathering⎯ gathering the crops and gathering communities.

Just like Strega Nona shares her bounty with the townspeople by hosting a harvest dinner in Strega Nona's Harvest, this weekend we’ll be celebrating the gathering season as well. Saturday is the 17th Annual Lake Superior Harvest Festival at Bayfront Park, which is nestled along the canal of Lake Superior.

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