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Stories, ideas and projects that center around food and its positive impact on a community.

Excitement Abound


I am still in Labor-free mode. So I planned to share with you a few quick things I'm excited about.....and photos to go along. That was before an unfortunate fall and now I think I'll wait to unpack my goodies until another day.

Japanese for Lunch


We’ve been enjoying our beach week with little thoughts or cares beyond the passing clouds or waves rolling in to the shore. But soon it will be time to think again about packing O’s lunch....

Eat Local: Take Two


It’s hard to believe, a year has passed since I started writing the blog! In that year’s time, our family has experienced lots of food adventures and created lasting memories. This time of year also brings us back to The Whole Foods Eat Local Challenge, which was the very first blog post. When I initially saw signs in the store that the challenge was starting soon, I thought, can we do it again? Is the timing right? We have visitors coming and an end of summer trip planned. Will it be a lot of extra effort? But it didn’t take long to think more about how much the year REALLY has changed the way in which we eat.

Ripe Raspberries!


The Raspberries are ripe in Duluth!!! Call for Picking Times

Sprouting the Beans Official Kick-off

To officially kick-off the Sprouting the Beans Blog, log-in and leave a comment to qualify for an upcoming give-away. Simply log-in and leave a comment on my blog to qualify for an upcoming give-away. Registering for an account is easy and will provide access to updates as well as menu and grocery list options coming soon. The registration fields are on the top left side of the blog. As an added bonus, every 3 friends you refer (and register), enters you again in the drawing!

The winner can choose one of the following featured within the blog:

Happy Birthday Skoogie!


I gave a special belated birthday present to Skoogie today. She turned 4 at the end of June— it sounds so grown up! It has become a tradition to cut peonies for Skoogie on her birthday, but this year I had to wait since Mother Nature wasn't ready yet.

Sprouting Our Beans


We're taking the week to sprout ourselves for the summer! See you in a week.

Buckwheat & Mixed-Grain Waffles


This weekend we celebrated Pete’s 40th birthday! We started the “celebrations” with gluten-free, egg-free, sugar-free waffles. For something special, the kids and Pete added a dallop of whipped cream with strawberries. I added the cut berries along with some juice from warmed berries…I didn’t miss the whipped cream or syrup one bit. In fact, the tingling feeling in my hand has essentially disappeared-- another reason not to miss it!

As we began using more variety of grains, we learned that buckwheat is not wheat or a cereal grain, but rather an energizing and nutritious fruit seed. It is a good source of protein and fiber. We’ve also cooked it like oatmeal and topped it with yogurt and fruit. It’s well worth a try!

Cookin' Up Some Compost


Today we basked in the sunny 60-degree weather. It felt heavenly! Our compost is also soaking up the sun and beginning to cook again. With Earth Week fast approaching (April 18 – April 22), we’re reading some fun poems and books about what you can do with “leftover” food.   

Community Corner: Waste Free Lunch


Today as I wrote an article for O's school newsletter, celebrating a formalized classroom recycling program, I planted the seed for waste free lunches. Did you know over 45% of a school's waste is food or food packaging??!??!? The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency estimates that each child could reduce 30 pounds of garbage a year by packing waste free lunches. That amounts to about 10,000 pounds of garbage at O's school!! We continue to use his Laptop Lunchbox, but it got me thinking and searching for new ideas to freshen up his lunch.

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