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Stories, ideas and projects that center around food and its positive impact on a community.

Remember to take your compost out...


The little things in life excite me! Today no glam food shots. Right now I'm getting my kicks by further reducing the amount of food trash put into our garbage can. As I mentioned previously, we compost and also began vermicomposting in the last year as well. I thought we were doing pretty good! Until this Spring when I started helping O's school compost at lunchtime...

Grains & Beans…Are we really getting the good stuff from them?


I love the eating journey that I’m on, new pieces of information tie together bits and pieces and open new doors.  

Spring Sprouts of Joy!


On this cloudy, but warmer day, I’m joyful and excited about…

Ojibwe Celebration and International Book Giving Day


A SUPER bowl of Nachos


We have a busy week of celebrations, so I thought I'd share the recipe for the "SUPER bowl" of Nachos we enjoyed last weekend. Enjoy them at your next celebration!

Irresistible Peppermint Bark


Yesterday Skoogie and I made Peppermint Bark. It has become one of our holiday favorites and makes a great teacher treat! This year, Skoogie not only counted out all the chocolate squares, she was a NATURAL at pounding the candy canes with our rubber mallet and then sprinkled the peppermint pieces on top... but best of all she loved sampling our teacher surprise!

Read on for the recipe with links to other GLUTEN-FREE HOLIDAY TREATS & COOKIES...

Pumpkin Cupcakes


Last weekend there were some delicious parsnip cakes topped with cream cheese frosting at O's school auction. I was inspired to re-create them for my book club. But then realized the parsnips from our winter share would arrive the day after I hosted. So instead, I repurposed the pumpkin muffins I recently shared and made them frosted bite-size cupcakes. Delish!

Deal of the Day


Today's deal of the day from Laptop Lunches is the Neoprene Carrier and water bottle for $8.99.

When ordering use the coupon code: SPROUT

A Post-Halloween Treat

Instead of a story today, I share this Post-Halloween Treat:

Looking for a deal that’s out of this world? Look no further! Today’s Laptop Lunches deal features their popular Alien Bento Carrier with bottle. Use coupon code: SPROUT when ordering.

List Price: $21.99

Discounted Price: $9.99

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*Original discount given due to slight flaw on bottom edge of bag as shown in photo to the left.

Watch for other treats the rest of this week.

Tomato Pie: A Capstone To This Year's Eat Local Challenge


Back in early August, I was dreaming of tomatoes and created a list of the recipes  that I wanted to make or try before season’s end. With the exception of the Green & Yellow Tomato Sauce, I made it through each tasty bite on the list!! I hope to be able to cross the last recipe off the list soon, when I make the sauce with Green Zebras, a delicious tomato with a slight citrusy tang. We didn’t grow them this year, but I was so excited when I found them at the Farmer’s Market earlier this week.

While I enjoyed the Heirloom Tomato Pie recipe I found in my Food Network Magazine, it wasn’t quite the taste I was seeking. The mayonnaise and cheese made it a bit too creamy for my tastes. I wanted more of a sweet baked taste and daydreamed of a pie featuring roasted tomatoes and caramelized onions, bringing out the sweetness in both.

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