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Educational section including tips for food-related activities, books, & gardening.

The Sprouts: Bubbly Water


We drink a lot of water around here, but that can get a little boring! Carbonation adds a little pep....

The Sprouts: Spread Your Wings


This week Skoogie and O have winter break.  We've shifted some of our plans due to illness, but we've definitely had time for reading.  In between naps and "couch time," O and I are commemorating Black History Month.

The Sprouts: Kung - Hsi Fa – Ts’ Ai! (Gung Hay Fat Choy!)


We celebrated Chinese New Year with a BANG at O’s birthday party!  Lanterns, Noise Makers, a Dragon, Red Envelopes with Gold Coins and Fireworks (jumping on bubble wrap) were all part of the lively Dragon Parade!!  Followed by delicious dumplings, pork & vegetarian buns, good luck oranges and a twist on red velvet cupcakes.

The Sprouts: I Want Some Dim Sum


We continued our Chinese explorations this week with two fabulous Grace Lin books.

The Sprouts: Chinese Characters


We’ve arrived in China a week prior to the beginning of this year’s Chinese New Year (February 3).  It gives us a chance to do some initial exploration prior to the big celebration.

The Sprouts – Bulgogi Inspired Korean Tacos


Last week I watched a show on food truck vendors. As I watched, my mouth started watering. It sparked the idea for a Korean taco during this weeks travels. It seemed like the perfect way to introduce more of the Korean flavors while providing a little “familiarity” of a flour tortilla taco. The ground beef allows for quick marinating with all the flavor!! If you haven’t tried kimchee, this is a great way to get exposure with a lighter, non-pickled, moderately spicy kimchee slaw.

The Sprouts - STILL Hungry for Bee-bim Bop!

We’ve made a change in plans and are visiting Korea in January, allowing us to arrive in China in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It makes more sense too, since Korea is considered the land bridge connecting Japan and China.

Prior to arriving, we visited several web sites to learn a little bit of background information. At this point, I didn’t go into a lot of detail about the politics of the region.

The Sprouts: Peppermint Teacher Treats!

The Sprouts: Peace Noodles

We’ve visited Enger Park in Duluth several times and while there rang the Peace Bell within the Japanese garden. While we knew there was a sister-city in Japan, it wasn’t until reading The Peace Bell written by Margi Preus and illustrated by Kideko Takahashi that we understood the full story.

The Sprouts: Origami Animals & Gyoza

Two of the books we read this week inspired an Origami craft day, which we paired with delicious Gyoza....

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