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Educational section including tips for food-related activities, books, & gardening.

Happy Holidays



It's a time of giving... and now a gift to myself and family, 2 weeks post-free. See you in the New Year! Hopefully during that time I'll be ableto add some of the FABULOUS photos taken by MagicBox Photography. Here are a few of my favorites. Wishing you peace, happiness, & good eats during the holidays!

Indonesian Corn Fritters & Tangrams


Our latest Indonesian explorations involve tangrams. While not originally from Indonesia, tangram puzzles are popular among Indonesian kids. We have a wooden tangram that both kids are quite good at solving. So I thought it might be fun to try trying to mix up the pieces to make a fish, duck and bird.

The Gift Of An Apple

It is so fun to watch the kids delight in holiday traditions. Skoogie found a tree she “loved” and was so excited to bring it home. Both kids started unpacking the ornaments before Pete and I were up. Holiday music is playing non-stop. But one of the most anticipated traditions at our house is the Giving Tree.

Indonesian Chicken Satay with RICE


Continuing our Indonesian journey...

A Visit to Indonesia


After a lengthy break, we are "traveling around the world" again.

Pumpkin Muffins


This year we grew Blue Jarrahdale Pumpkins and have been anxious for them to ripen before the weather turns (if you haven't guessed yet, blue is O's favorite color).  While we’ve been waiting, we pulled out a few of our favorite pumpkin stories:

Pumpkin Circle: The Story of A Garden by George Levenson

Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington

The Sprouts


Sprouting the Beans won the Out-of-the-Box category for Laptop Lunches Photo Contest. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!!

I'm sprouting my beans today. Please stop back next Tuesday for a new post.

Eggplant Fried Rice Featured in Laptop Lunches Photo Contest


Don't forget to vote for Sprouting The Beans entry in Laptop Lunches Photo Contest. Tuesday, October 18, is the last day of voting. O requested eggplant fried rice in the lunch that is featured in the contest. You know the recipe is a success, when the lunch container comes home empty.

Laptop Lunches Worldwide Photo Contest


Sprouting the Beans is preparing for our continued “travels” around the world. Laptop Lunches Bento Worldwide Photo Contest seems like a great way to get us on our way again. Vote for our Japanese-inspired lunch: Gyoza, Eggplant Fried Rice, Asian Coleslaw & Orange Slices. The eggplant, cabbage, and carrots were picked in our backyard– Duluth, MN definitely deserves to be on the World Wide Map! Like us at Laptop Lunches Facebook Page. You'll see the LIKE button on the photo. The entry with the highest votes wins a $50 gift certificate. We appreciate your support (Skoogie would LOVE her own box). Vote NOW, the contest ends tomorrow, Tuesday, October 18. Thanks!


Apples Sliced Several Different Ways


Apples have always been a favorite fruit of mine, especially the sweet-tart ones you can find this time of year. Nothing speaks Fall to me like days warmed by the sun, vibrant colors on the trees, and juicy, crisp apples!

I've also been thinking about another kind of Apple this week. Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple Computers recently lost his battle with cancer. His creativity, passion and ability to think outside of the box have created a legacy of innovations. I use several "Apple" products daily and as I was preparing this post I couldn't help but think how amazing it is that I can think of a subject, key in the words, search for books from home, request a reserve and share the wonderful world of books with my kids and you as well. Thanks Steve for bringing another kind of Apple into my life.

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