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A weekly guide to aid with menu planning.

Menu for the week of September 27

Lunch Menu for the Week of 9/20

Things are on overdrive at our house! A certain 5 year old is VERY excited about starting Kindergarten tomorrow. Yesterday we made our last morning visit to the Children's Museum and today we enjoyed the zoo.

But Thursday can't come soon enough in O's mind! We now know his teacher and room number, and just have to get out the door in the morning-- I think O will be up at the crack of dawn waiting for that to happen! Here are a few more lunch ideas to draw upon and I'm including the menu I posted last week as well.

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First Week of School - Lunch Menu

School Lunch

It’s still hard to believe that next week O starts kindergarten! As parents, there is a lot of excitement about the many milestones our oldest child has accomplished in five short years, including a curiosity and zest for learning and life. This will only continue to grow through his school experiences. But yet, there is a touch of apprehension about what this next step means...still not knowing whom he will have as a teacher only adds to the unknowns. The start of all-day kindergarten also means having to think about what to send for lunch. (Click Read More to continue story)

Today is Monday........Recipes for the week of August 30, 2010

The recipes for the coming week are inspired by the song, “Today is Monday.” We LOVE the book version with illustrations by Eric Carle (Today Is Monday). It is such a catchy tune that we find ourselves singing it as we walk down to the park. As you add each verse for the day of the week, you repeat back the meals for the other days of the week. Not only does it quickly teach kids the days of the week, it elicits important reading skills like recall, repetition and patterns.

When I told Skoogie and O about the idea to eat food all week that went with the song, they screamed a big YEAH! Skoogie said, "Lets have MEATBALLS with the sketti!" When we talked about Thursday, O said, "I don't like roast beef." I asked, "What if we made some yummy rolls, put the roast beef on the bun and then had a tasty sauce to DIP it in?" His BIG brown eyes got EVEN BIGGER!!! You can change the menu to fit favorite family recipes for each category. Whatever you choose, hopefully it will stir up some anticipation and excitement at your dinner table this week!

Today is…..

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