Menu for the Week of September 19, 2011


This week we'll relish lots of fresh local ingredients during harvest time: zucchini, corn, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes and lots of herbs. We're also enjoying lamb chops that we bought from Jurgen Peters in Waseca, MN

Wednesday is Skoogie's pick because we are in a bit of a Lola, I will never, not ever eat a tomato phase. Her naps seem to be disappearing so it seems more that she is just too tired to try new things by the time dinner comes...although she still likes tomatoes so we'll add those on the side. She also ate our first sample of lamb...once she sat down and "let" herself try it. She even asked for more just after Pete and I had shared the last piece. Luckily we were able to shave a few slices off the bone.

Brassy Brassicas: Middle Eastern Inspired Greens


Brassicas are magical vegetables in my mind and I can’t get enough! Recently I was reading that pain and muscle stiffness typically are higher when GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) levels are low. I wondered if the pain, discomfort, aching and muscle tension that keeps hanging on in my foot has anything to do with my GABA levels.

Menu for the Week of Sept 12: More Lunch Ideas


I was impressed that my rightie colored this entire page using his left hand.

If you are packing lunches again, you may be like me, and searching for ideas. The menu focus this week is a few more lunch items that can also easily be served for dinner. Many of the "lunches" are really leftovers but may not show up in the lunch box for a day or so to maintain appeal.

Excitement Abound


I am still in Labor-free mode. So I planned to share with you a few quick things I'm excited about.....and photos to go along. That was before an unfortunate fall and now I think I'll wait to unpack my goodies until another day.

Menu for the Week of September 5, 2011


Red Tomatoes FINALLY!!! Several of our meals this week feature this beautiful fruit…...and a few Asian recipes in between.

The Sprouts: Special Spoons


Poor Spoon, he feels plain and boring compared to his friends: fork, knife and especially exotic chopsticks!! But he soon learns that all the other utensils think he has the best of all worlds. Although the spoons in our house don’t get used every night, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, makes an excellent point in Spoon— they are pretty special. The other utensils in the story esteem Spoon’s special pot banging abilities; it's the dish that gets to run away with the spoon; and they delight in his ability to jump into bowls of ice cream.

Meals Around the World


As I mentioned in a post last week, when school starts (the count down is on...14 more days), O wants to have lunches from each of the countries we’ve visited. This week, rather than post a dinner menu, I’m including lunch ideas from 4 countries: Korea, China, Africa & India. The meals can easily be made for dinner (now or when school starts) and then packed up for lunch the next day.

Blueberry Fruit Leather


When O saw that the library had a copy of My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall Out from the Charlie & Lola series, we had to check it out! He couldn’t understand why Lola wouldn’t want her tooth to come out!!!

Menu for the Week of August 22, 2011


We are still in vacation mode, so we’re re-visiting some menus from last year’s Eat Local time period. Enjoy!

Japanese for Lunch


We’ve been enjoying our beach week with little thoughts or cares beyond the passing clouds or waves rolling in to the shore. But soon it will be time to think again about packing O’s lunch....

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