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It’s still hard to believe that next week O starts kindergarten! As parents, there is a lot of excitement about the many milestones our oldest child has accomplished in five short years, including a curiosity and zest for learning and life. This will only continue to grow through his school experiences. But yet, there is a touch of apprehension about what this next step means...still not knowing whom he will have as a teacher only adds to the unknowns. The start of all-day kindergarten also means having to think about what to send for lunch. (Click Read More to continue story)

So instead of a dinner menu this week, I’m focusing on lunch. Perhaps it will spark ideas for those of you who are also thinking about school lunch. I’ll continue the discussion next week and I’d love to hear what you are sending with your child/ren.

I don’t know about you, but we get in a rut when it comes to lunches. I usually let the kids pick and by the time we eat, they always want the same thing…soy butter and jelly wraps. That definitely will be part of O’s lunch for the first day of school!! He is also very excited to pack his new dinosaur napkins made by a good friend (thank you—love them)!!! I’m hoping that a little pre-planning will help broaden our horizons. When I showed O the list of lunches I had come up with he only asked that one thing be changed…that is promising. He also had some ideas for the following week. To add variety, while keeping things simple, many of our dinners next week will serve as a starting point for lunch the next day. I’m including notes below. We’ll give it a try and make adjustments based on hunger or what is not eaten the first couple of days.

Thursday 9/9
Soy Butter & Jelly Wraps
Cherry Tomatoes
String Cheese

Friday 9/10
Lefttover California Rolls
Spring Rolls & Dipping Sauce

We are having a special dinner Thursday night to celebrate O’s first day of kindergarten. In many ways I think he is more excited about eating sushi at Hanabi, than the first day of school! On Friday, I plan to send extra California Rolls along with some Spring Rolls that I make Thursday night.

Monday 9/13
Cheese Panini
Cut Melon

We plan to make paninis Sunday night and will make a special cheese & pickle one that O can take in his lunch on Monday. He helped make the pickles and wanted to make sure we included some on the sandwich to make it “extra yummy.” But the pickles could just be a side veggie instead.

Tuesday 9/14
Baby Bel Cheese & Crackers
Jicama or Kolrabi Sticks
Apples with Soy Butter

Wednesday 9/15
Mozzarella & Tomatoes on Foccacia
Strawberries Dipped in Yogurt

We are going to make the irresistible mozzarella & tomato sandwiches on foccacia for Tuesday night and we’ll send some in O’s lunch the next day.

Thursday 9/16
Bean & Cheese Quesadilla
Chips & Homemade Salsa
Corn Muffin

On Wednesday night, I’m making Tamale Pie. I’ll use extra black beans to make a few quesadillas, as well as some of the extra corn bread to send in O’s lunch on Thursday.

Friday 9/17
Salami, Cheese & Crackers (or Soy Butter & Jelly Wrap/Sandwich)
Hummus & Cut Veggies

*All of the cheeses mentioned could be alternated with dairy-free cheeses or goat cheese if your child does not eat dairy or limited dairy.

What will be in your kid(s) lunch box next week?

Um - can I stop over for a

Um - can I stop over for a bag lunch too:) Yum!

Great ideas!!

We've been working on trying all sorts of new things at home that might qualify as lunchbox worthy! The challenge for us has been to find things that can be eaten room temperature. Meat and cheese usually don't pass muster around here. A couple of things did pass our taste tests this week are: cottage cheese sprinkled with sesame seeds and black bean salsa with corn chips. We're also planning on zucchini, carrot, and applesauce muffins, too.

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