Cutting Kiwis


I seem to have filled my “new free time” with lots of school-related projects.  During all of the hussle, there are lots of Sprouting the Beans stories spinning an formulating in my head… and soon they will make it to the blog. For now, I share with you a quick tip that has made packing much-loved kiwi in my kids’ lunches.  

Until now, I would cringe when the kids asked me to buy kiwi. Whenever I peeled it, I would end up with more kiwi in the compost pile than in their lunch. Then one day I wondered if I could apply my avocado peeling method to a kiwi. It worked wonderfully!


I cut the kiwi in half and then take a grapefruit or regular spoon and edge around the outer circle by the skin. Once all the way around, simply pop the fruit out and then cut it into slices. So much faster and now the kids get every morsel of fruit.

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