Who Needs a Refrigerator?


Without refrigeration our garden and deep freezer came in handy!  No need to refrigerate when you can pick your produce straight from the garden...

Last Friday, we noticed our frozen strawberries were feeling quite soft...our refrigerator/freezer had gone out. Our fridge is couched in between cabinets and a pantry and presents limitations. After spending Saturday and Sunday looking at refrigerators, we were not finding a front-runner. The one we were leaning towards would require cutting the trim of our cabinet to fit and re-finishing the hardwood floor previously hidden by our current refrigerator - fun! Luckily as we were re-measuring and cleaning out behind our current fridge, Pete kept hearing a clicking. He looked and the compressor starter was fried. When he looked up the part online it was $50 vs $1500+ for a new fridge. We found it at a part replacement store in town and by Monday morning we had a working fridge!

During the saga, one day we grilled steak and had sides of green beans, cherry tomatoes and a kale salad with cranberries, sunflower seeds and a simple vinaigrette. Nothing beats watching your kids gobble up ALL the fruits and vegetables without having to ask them!! Even my five year old has turned a new eating page and can’t get enough kale, beans and tomatoes. We need a YEAR ROUND garden!!  I can’t say enough for how much a garden can transform kids willingness to try new foods!!


Another day I further adapted a couscous recipe that I’ve posted previously, http://www.sproutingthebeans.com/node/237. This time I used Kale for the pesto. We’re loving all of these pesto variations!!!

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