Remember to take your compost out...


The little things in life excite me! Today no glam food shots. Right now I'm getting my kicks by further reducing the amount of food trash put into our garbage can. As I mentioned previously, we compost and also began vermicomposting in the last year as well. I thought we were doing pretty good! Until this Spring when I started helping O's school compost at lunchtime...

The Environmental Concerns Committee & the Student Green Team met with the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, as we prepared to start school composting. We learned that due to its aeration process, resulting in extremely high temperatures, items like dairy, meat and bones can also be composted at WLSSD's drop-off points. So now we place our egg shells, coffee grounds, fruits and veggies into our regular composting bin and keep a compostiblle bag for meat and dairy scraps in our freezer. When the bag is full we simply drop it off at one of the conveniently located compost sites. Now ALL of our food waste is composted! You could even bring all of your compost to a drop off point if you do not want to do it onsite.

Landfills entomb trash with layers of filters, clay, soil and can take up to 20 years to break down food waste. If you are not already, find a way to increase your composting level today!! If you are not in Duluth, find out what services your sanitary district provides. Thanks for thinking of the future!

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