Grains & Beans…Are we really getting the good stuff from them?


I love the eating journey that I’m on, new pieces of information tie together bits and pieces and open new doors.  

My in-laws are trying to make some changes in their diet and I was reading sections of two books they recently purchased called Put Your Heart in Your Mouth and Gut & Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Campbell-McBride. Without getting into all the scientific terms, the section on grains discusses how the “hard shell” on grains is designed for propagation. When a bird eats grain, it passes out of the animal allowing it to re-seed itself. Humans also have a difficult time digesting grains and beans for this very reason (phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors), which creates gut issues and also minimizes the nutrients absorbed. In addition, with the onset of the industrial revolution and processed foods, the canning process has eliminated the soaking step and extremely high temperatures used when canning reduces the nutrient content of beans.

Soaking grains and beans in water overnight causes the outer shell to break down enabling better digestion. Proper soaking also includes:

Beans: 2T apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or liquid whey

Quinoa: ½ cup whey

Oats: 2t baking soda


Here are a few ways I plan to implement the soaking step. I’m sharing in hopes that it will trigger ideas for you as well.


Since we already pour steel cut oats with water into our rice cooker and set the timer the night before we plan to eat it, all we have to do is add two teaspoons baking soda to our already established pattern.

Rice & Beans

Given I already plan meals a week in advance, I just have to get in the habit of setting alarms on my calendar allowing for an overnight soak and rinse prior to eating.


I plan to use one of Gluten-Free girls tips and plan to keep pre-cooked Quinoa in the refrigerator this summer for easy lunch and dinner prep with the addition of vegetables. Like the rice and beans, I’ll simply add the soaking step.

Happy Soaking!

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