A Visit to Indonesia


After a lengthy break, we are "traveling around the world" again.


The kids requested Indonesia as our next stop. Food didn't really play a part in the decision, but rather a chance to visit the Men of the Forest...otherwise known as Orangutans.

Here are a few facts from O, our wildlife expert. I don't know how he remembers details for so many types of animals!!!

Indonesia is in Asia. Indonesia is made up of 13,000 islands

Orangutans live on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

Their arms can reach over 6 feet long and they swing from tree to tree looking for fruit.

Their homes are in danger because people are cutting down the trees.

We of course have lots of animal books that include Orangutans. Here are a few online sites we've enjoyed as well:




The kids and I made Orangutan pencil buddies but we decided since we only had large googly eyes and brown rather than orangish fur on hand, they looked more like monkeys...but they still are getting some good use!orangutanPencil.JPG

They also enjoyed the Indonesian Coconut Rice with Chicken and Zucchini that we made last weekend. Skoogie ate hers all up after we told her, she better not think about eating it! The mind of a 4 year old!!

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