The Sprouts: Celebrating the Rain with Mangos!!!


We’ve been having a lot of rain and cool weather around here.  It’s got everyone asking, “Is Summer ever going to come?”  But it is nothing compared to the strong winds and rain accumulation that can occur during India’s monsoon season.  In Monsoon Afternoon, by Kashmira Sheth, we learned that after the initial downpour, there is a steady pattern of rain lasting for at least a couple of hours most days.  In the book, a young boy and his Dadaji (grandfather) explore the streets, having fun in the rain.  At the end of the story, Dadaji and the boy, pick the last of the mangos, with the coming of the monsoons in June.

So we’re celebrating the rain with mangos!!!  We love Amy Wilson Sanger’s World Snack Book Collection, her rhythmic writing and creative collages tempt your taste buds on every page while introducing kids to different cuisines. Part of the series, Chaats and Sweets, highlights some of the snacks and treats of India.  Our first try was a refreshing mango lassi, a yogurt-based drink: mango, banana and rose water are some of the common flavors.  It was hard for the kids to be patient all week while the mangos we bought ripened…. but their yummms and more please, expressed that it was WELL WORTH the wait!

Mango Lassi

2 Large Servings or 4 Smaller Servings.


2 cups peeled and chopped very ripe mangoes

1 cup plain yogurt

2-3 T sugar (Adjust to taste)

1 T chopped mint leaves (Optional)

Pinch Cardamon (Optional)

6 to 10 ice cubes (As needed)


Blend the mangoes, yogurt, and sugar into a puree.

Add chopped mint leaves.

Add the ice cubes.

You can adjust the thickness of the lassi.

Serve immediately or chill.

We also read Prita Goes to India this week, a story of a girl who lives in London and visits her extended family in India. The colorful photos at the front of the book provide a visual exploration and the recipe for Baras, savory lentil fritters, appeals to the stomach. We look forward to the appetizer topped with mango chutney! I'll let you know how they fare...soon.

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